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New York City

NYC Real Estate AgenT

Being a NYC real estate agent is no easy task. According to New York State, there are currently 78,167 active agents and 52,272 active brokers throughout NY, most in NYC. Working in a real estate market like NYC can be even more challenging in an already competitive industry. That's why, when you are thinking about buying, selling, or investing in NYC real estate; you need to be prepared to hire the right NYC real estate agent.


For starters, because New York's rental market is strong, most people start by renting an apartment in NYC. Having a real estate agent guide you through this process can be extremely helpful with even something as simple as renting.


Most buildings in NYC will require you to provide a plethora of documents that show your income so that they can verify that you'll be able to pay the rent.


It seems simple, but sometimes you (the tenant) can get overwhelmed and forget to include something, so having an agent help is a big plus.


When you figure that because you love NYC so much (who doesn't?) and you're ready to buy a condo or co-op, having a real estate agent on your side guiding you throughout the process is critical. Mainly because with condos and co-ops, you'll need to prepare packets called board packages, including many documents, some from lawyers and accountants. And if they're submitted incorrectly, the building board will not accept them and ask you to resubmit.


So, the point is, when buying a condo in NYC, you want to seek the help of a real estate agent so they can guide you from start to finish.


Hiring a listing real estate agent when you're selling a condo or your co-op in NYC is always a good move. Why?


Well, because listing agents will photograph, market, and promote your listing to their buyers and their agent connections, who also have buyers.


Depending on the price point and state of the market, they may even organize an open house so that buyers and agents can come to see your property.


The listing agent will also meet the buyer's agent for private showings to walk buyers throughout the property and sell your condo.


Without the help of a listing real estate agent, you're simply relying on yourself to sell a multi-million dollar condo, and that's not a great plan.


So, no matter if you're buying, selling, renting, or investing in NYC real estate, I can help guide you through the process.


Contact me today to get started!

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